• Elevated Shirt Dress Maternity Style

    Just by looking at this elevated shirt dress you can say that this is a piece you’ll be wearing over and over again and even (hopefully) after pregnancy.

    Winter Lip Care Essentials

    I’ve created the list of the best lip care essentials that helped me this winter, read more for all the rituals and products.

    T-Shirt Dress Pregnancy Style for Valentine’s

    You might be thinking of what to wear for lunch or dinner for Valentines & I found an excellent idea - a t-shirt dress!

    Glass Picture Frame Decor Ideas

    It’s been a few weeks since I bought this glass picture frame. One day I was scrolling through Pinterest, and it hit me, Polaroids!

    Pearl Embellished Sweater Monochrome Style

    I’ve been wearing this pearl embellished sweater in almost the same combination, just changing the jeans (black/blue), boots (round or pointy toe) & coats.

    Eggless Banana Bread With Chocolate Chips Recipe

    What happens when you run out of eggs and forget to buy them, but have loads of banana that you need yo use - eggless banana bread!

    Black & White Valentines Style Idea for Pregnant

    Black & white outfits might not be everyone's cup of tea when it comes to Valentine's style, but if you prefer monochrome you’ll also love this look.

    Favourite Watches | Jewelry Details

    Today I’m sharing a quick post with the fourth of my favourite watches that have been in my style rotation lately.

    Ruffle Hem Dress Pregnancy Style Idea for Valentines

    I’ve had this ruffle hem dress for over two years, been wearing it every winter and somehow never did a photo in it.

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