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Imagine this beauty of blooming cherry blossoms (& other blossoms) and me standing there in a beautiful dress, strap sandals, with flawlessly done hair from the salon and a full coverage makeup! Now forget that and look at the real photos lol.

Life changes when you become a mother and your style changes as well. One thing I never worried about was weight, simply because I have A LOT of oversized clothes and I really can hide it. Plus, last year, before pregnancy, I weighed a bit (like 5 kilos) more than I usually weight. Well, I guess from running all around, long walks and tons of stuff that needs to be done aside from work with no help make you lose weight very quickly.
And so I do fit into all of my clothes, and I do have enough items to wear, but I don’t have time to do it. It was a significant accomplishment to do those photos, while my husband was patiently trying to catch the right angle and calm the baby, while I was trying to act naturally. Therefore I consider these photos to be a real success, even in this outfit. I guess I wanted to capture the natural beauty more than my outfit and that’s how we did it. Can’t complain about the result.

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As for the outfit, can you imagine how happy I was to buy a new pair of super skinny jeans that fit me so good I almost danced when trying them on? Although they fit very snug, so I sized up my regular size, just to keep in mind if you’ll be buying them. As for the top, I stopped counting the years of how long I have it, 3 for sure, because I have this post to prove it. Funny thing is that I’m wearing it now almost the same as 3 years ago, with a dainty necklace, pointed toe flats and pants.

Next year, if the trees are still there and blooming, I’ll definitely re-do this in a beautiful dress and styled hair!

Jeans: Levis | Peplum Top: Kate Spade (old, similar here) | Flats: Mango (similar here) | Watch: Rosefield

  Peplum Top & Levis Skinny Jeans 3

Peplum Top & Levis Skinny Jeans 1

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  1. olga
    June 11, 2019 / 8:17 am

    Красиво.Отлично выглядишь!

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