Quiet Mornings with Laduree Macaroons 💚

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Nothing extraordinary, just me, my green tea, some fresh flowers (that actually died the next day after this photo was taken) and my fresh, sweet, heavenly smelling Laduree macaroons. What is it so special about that you may ask? Well, besides the obvious “pretty picture” factor there are also memories.

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I love macaroons and there are special places where I can get some here in Toronto, Montreal and New York. Well, if in Montreal it’s Boutique Point G, in New York it’s of course Laduree on Madison Ave. Last time we were on a trip I accidentally found this pastel toned patisserie and ever since Laduree was associated with something fun, adventurous and exciting. Just like that day – a sweet reward for walking 15 km in the city.

laduree macaroons morning 3

So here I am, sitting in a kitchen, drinking my tea, sharing those sweets with my husband, looking outside to the weirdest weather that gives me migraines, ignoring the cold while we share our memories from that day we tried those sugar & almond sweets the first time in NYC.

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