Skincare Newbies | November Faves Part 1

Summe Fridays Mask Tata Harper Serum 2

By this time you’ve probably noticed I love skincare. I don’t consider myself as a skincare addict because I religiously use all of my products, till the last drop. After I finish the product, I repurchase it or try something new. Even with the blogger mail or free goodies from the events – first I end everything that I have, then I try something new.
Almost the same story happened with one of the product I’ll talk about today.

Tata Harper Resurfacing Serum

Now, I got my deluxe sample from making a big order on Sephora (which will happen again because of tomorrows VIB sale). It was 10 ml, and I wanted to try it for the longest time but wanted a sample first before spending my money on a full sized bottle (as you can see it’s quite expensive).
I tried it, and I loved it, and I splurged on the full sized version. On the website, it states that this serum is a solution for dullness and uneven texture. My skin is even to start from but became very dry and dull ever since I got pregnant. Well, this serum helped me with my problems. My skin became smoother than it was before. Not sure if it resurfaced something because again my skin was very even, no acne, no sensitivity and I use it only for my night skincare. I wouldn’t spend my money on something that doesn’t work so for me this product is a real miracle! I would recommend getting a sample first, because of the price point and the mixed reviews.

Fall skincare update 1

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

I’ve heard so much about this Jet Lag mask, seen it all over Instagram and was also running out on my overnight mask so I added this beauty to my cart thinking it will be a purchase I’ll be glad I did. So yes it was!
It is suitable for all the skin types, which is probably why so many people raved about it. Again, as with the resurfacing serum, this face mask is a solution for dry and dull skin with an uneven texture. I know that people use it as a makeup base, as an under eye cream and as a 10-minute mask which you don’t need to rinse off. I use it as an overnight mask three times a week, and it works for me! No irritation, no breakouts only smooth and silky skin. I like to wake up feeling fresh and depuffed. With the winter coming I think I will try this mask as an extra step in my skin hydration before the makeup application and will write an update here.
My verdict for the mask: it is worth every penny.

Now I’ve talked about my Darphin face cream in my other post.

Summe Fridays Mask Tata Harper Serum   Fall skincare update 2


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