Spring Morning Skincare Routine Part 1

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I took these photos two months ago but didn’t have a chance to post them and to write my update on the morning skincare routine I’ve been doing. Now, when I have a few minutes to myself, I finally decided to write a post about it.
It is also good because I had enough time to test out all of the products that I bought myself and start new ones, which I’ll also be sharing soon. So, without further ado allow me to begin explaining how I liked/loved them.

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Herbivore Orchid Facial Oil

Dry oil which I use in the mornings with my Gua Sha tool, It helps with the massage and absorbs so quickly that I use my serums after that. By the way, it smells heavenly, somewhere between Jasmine and Orchid, so it also brings my mood up when I’m using it. I use 4-5 drops on my face, and 4 drops on my neck and a little bit go a long way!

Summer Fridays R+R mask

I was raving about the Jet Lag mask so much that when the R+R mask was available I bought it the same day! Yes, it is expensive. Yes, I do recommend trying it before buying. And yes, it is also in my favourites in facial mask category!
This replenishing mask buffs the skin and the oils that are included in it leave my skin moisturized and glowing after each use. I leave it on 10-15 minutes and remove with a washcloth, massaging gently and rinse with the warm water, then pat dry. Once all the oils are absorbed I proceed with my regular night skincare routine.

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Herbivore Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Cream

I would say that this is a great facial cream for sensitive, oily and combined skin. Since I needed more hydration, I ended up using another cream sometime after this was absorbed. I would say this moisture cream will make a fantastic base for your makeup as it is very light, but if you need more moisture, this won’t cover it all for you. I gave this cream to my mom, and it seems to be working better for her, so I recommend getting a sample first if you want to buy it.

Jade Facial Roller

The best thing you can get for your skin! Although I broke mine, please don’t ask me how, I have unique superpowers to do that, and ordered a new set with the Gua Sha facial lifting tool (which I’m currently using) from Mount Lai.
For the past five months, I’ve been using the jade roller morning and at night time and definitely see a lot of improvement. First of all, my skin got tighter, and I can see how all the puffins disappears after each use. Secondly, all of my facial oils and serums absorb more quickly with it, so it’s a big time saver, especially right now, when I don’t have a lot of free time and every minute counts.

So this sums up Part 1 of my Spring morning skincare routine.

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