Style Favorite: Uniqlo Jumpsuit 🌻

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Behold, my spring, summer and a little bit of fall style favourite: my Uniqlo jumpsuit. Back in March when I was debating whether I should get a black or navy jumpsuit, I didn’t realize that soon I’ll regret that I bought only one and not both.

Almost six months passed and not I can tell you that this jumpsuit was with me everywhere, from L.A. to Montreal and I have never worn anything comfier that this item. This jumpsuit looks absolutely beautiful with suede sandals and elegant bag, with Vans sneakers and a denim jacket, Celine like flats and stripe blazer and even better with heels, red lipstick and a tailored blazer. And those were only examples which I wore most often.

Since the beginning of September was nice and warm (and looking on the forecast will be this way for at least another week) it was entirely appropriate to dress up like this for a beautiful city stroll. Sunflowers, which you can now buy at almost every grocery store or mini flower market were a little addition to emphasize the autumnal feel.

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Jumpsuit: Uniqlo | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Sandals: H&M | Watch: Daniel Wellington



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