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I got my first bottle of Eau Rose when we just moved into our condo. It was in May, we were happy about our first real estate purchase, and I wanted to celebrate it with a scent. That’s how Diptique Eau Rose (as well as secretly bought minis of Baies, Figuery and Rose candles) came to my home.

Two and a half years later I repurchased it. During this time the bottle design had changed, but it doesn’t matter because the scent didn’t. On me, it smells like a mix of rose and peonies, and I can not be happier about it. Every time I spray it and go somewhere I receive tons of compliments, in the elevator, on the flower market, on the street and in the Uber ride to name a few.

It is expensive for a bottle of perfume, and I get only 100 ml one. It does last a long time. I use it in the Spring and Summer time, that’ how it lasted me more than two years.
Today I wanted to share a few tips I use to make my perfume last longer and also how I store it. Some of you might know that already, some of you not, so

How To Store Your Perfume

Keep your perfume away from the sun.

I’ve lost several bottles just by having my perfume exposed to the sun on my shelves or makeup table (which is very close to the big window). Sun damages the bottle and the scent to better keep your treasures in the dark place like a closet.

Keep it away from humidity and drafts.

I know, sounds like a lot of work, but hey if you want to give your perfume a better shelf life you might want to stick to the rules.
High humidity and drafts affect the quality of perfume, so keeping your bottles in a bathroom or close to open windows might not be a good idea.

Do not shake!

I’ve asked a few people how do they apply their perfume and one of the first steps was by shaking the bottle. Well, this is a big mistake. By shaking the bottle, you are exposing your perfume to the air, and this is harmful to the scent.

Keep it in its original package.

Because it is sealed from any air leaking out or bacteria going in, which results in perfume damage as you might guess.

I keep all of my perfumes in a closet and pull out a new or a favourite one every time I need to use it. By doing so, along with all the tips I provided, I can keep my perfumes as good as new for more than two years!

You can also read my article on how to choose the perfume that is right for you.

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