Summer Skin Essentials ☀️

Summer is coming close to the end, but we all want it to last longer, don’t we? One of the ways to prolong summer (at least for me) is saving/having that golden, sun-kissed tan on your skin.

bioderma self tanner spray Self tanners have been one of my absolute favorites throughout the year, depending on how tanned I want to be, and recently I’ve started to use my old favorite Bioderma self-tanning mist. Second summer in a row this bottle of magic saves me when I need that extra glow and tan in no time!

bioderma self tanner spray mineral compact

As for the second product you see here, it is Mineral compact protection and it’s a new product for me. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now and oh well, I finally found that good sunscreen which is not greasy, doesn’t mess with my makeup and protects me from all of those bad UV rays.


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