Summer Style: Wrap Dress OOTD

Ever since I’ve posted the picture in this wrap dress on my Instagram profile at the beginning of August, I keep receiving messages asking where did I get it. Now, that I finally found a time to edit my style photos from our Montreal mini trip I again will answer that question.

I bought this dress from Mango, and it is still available in this and other print, so get it while you can! I really love the lining at the back of the dress (you don’t need it in the front because of the “wrap”) and the overall silhouette it has, very feminine and just screams vacation. One inconvenience I had with this wrap dress was continually opening folds on the chest area, but this was fixed right at the beginning by simply using my all-time helper the Fashion Tape. I basically glued some strips on the regions which bothered me and didn’t have any problems ever since.

Overall the combination of a wrap dress, straw hat, little chain bag, sunglasses and slides has a very relaxed vibe in it. The old city of Montreal added some sophistication of narrow European streets and the cobblestone streets with old brick buildings. Honestly, it did felt like we were somewhere in Europe and probably that’s how those brilliant photos became so beautiful.



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