• Coffee & Flowers

    Coffee & Flowers

    These pictures were taken a while back, when it was still pleasant outside & there were a lot of beautiful fresh flowers on the market.
    Waffle Breakfast at Home

    Waffle Breakfast at Home

    It seems like forever since I posted a lovely breakfast that I’ve made and this is no different.
    Morning Coffee Ramble | Pinspiration

    Morning Coffee Ramble | Pinspiration

    Ever since becoming a mama morning coffee became a sacred ritual for me. Those 10 minutes of peace & quiet with a cup of hot (I repeat HOT) coffee is a necessity for every mother out there.


    Pinspiration: Ranunculus and Freesia Bouquet

    Pinspiration: Ranunculus and Freesia Bouquet

    Nothing beats the beauty of fresh flowers, and by looking at the ranunculus and freesia bouquet that I’ve created, I guess all of you will agree with me.
    #November | Hygge Time
    Pinspiration: Monochrome Home Design Inspiration 📍

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    Pinspiration: Airy Bedroom Decor (for gloomy fall days).
    📍Pinspiration: Pink Sofa in Living Room 💘
    Tea Time – Anthropologie Monogram Mug


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