Terre Bleu Lavender Farm 💜

Have you ever been to a lavender farm? For the first time in my life, my dream came true and we finally visited the lavender farm, which we found here in Ontario!

terre bleu lavender fields 1

It’s been a dream for quite a while so when I saw Terre Bleu Lavender Farm last year somewhere in the social media I knew that this summer we’ll visit it. This weekend we finally made it there and we had the best time.

Not only I was amazed by the size and beauty of the lavender fields, but the smell was out of this world! I love lavender and been using it as a pillow spray to relax, oil to heal burns and cuts and even as a decoration. I also tasted lavender tea, macaroons and cocktails before)

On our visit I also tasted delicious lavender ice cream and incredibly refreshing lavender lemonade. I also bought lavender jam trio, which I can’t wait to try. Of course it wouldn’t be a proper visit without taking pictures there so here you go.
ontario lavender fields
terre bleu lavender fields 3
terre bleu lavender lemonade

terre bleu lavender fields 2

terre bleu lavender fields 4

terre bleu lavender fields 5

terre bleu lavender fields 6


Don’t you worry you’ll find plenty of things to do there for everyone, even my husband had fun 🙂

terre bleu lavender ice cream



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