My Favorite Jo Malone London Scents 🌸 Tips on Choosing a Perfume

Tips for Choosing a Perfume Jo Malone London

Happy International Woman’s Day, darlings!
I thought that today will be the perfect day to share with you something delicate, feminine and something that most of us love – my favorite Jo Malone perfume and candle scents! Ever since I got them (and it happened throughout a few months) my friends kept asking me how I love it. Because this is an expensive product I decided to do a review hoping that it will help someone who is deciding whether you should spend your money on this or not.
Now I have only two perfumes in travel size (because their perfume is luxurious both: in scents and in price) and one (also travel sized) candle. Both perfumes were my husbands gifts and candle was a gift I made to myself. All three times I spend quite a while talking to the girl at the counter and literally smelling everything that I could with no exception to the men’s perfume and candles.

As you can see from my photos I do use all of them on an almost everyday basis and I will re-buy them once I’ll finish them. So here are my list of top and favorite Jo Malone scents:

Peony and Blush Suede classic floral scent. Stays whole day on my skin. Stronger than the Wood Sage & Sea Salt. Key notes: Red Apple, Peony, Suede.
Wood Sage & Sea Salt (wanted to buy a candle in same scent, but they were completely sold out on that in several places in Toronto, and yes also online ). Has a fresh, aquatic scent. Perfect for summer. I can’t smell it after a few hours wearing it, however people notice it for the whole day. I would describe it as a subtile scent. Key notes: Ambrette Seeds, Sea Salt, Sage.
Blackberry and Bay (would definitely try to buy the perfume in it) has a fresh scent and citrus notes. Key notes: Blackberry, Bay Leaves, Cedarwood.

Now, I also loved the Red Roses scent as it’s very similar to the Diptique Roses perfume that I’m currently using, so if you are a garden rose scent lover I would definitely recommend you to get one.

Tips for Choosing a Perfume favorite jo malone london scents

Please note that the scent also depends on your skin, you know what they say we all have out unique scent so I would recommend to choose your new perfume like I do.

My Tips on Choosing a Perfume

  1. You need to know which scent families you like: woody, floral, fruity, spicy or citrus.
  2. Ask for samples. That way you can try/test it out during night and day.
  3. Don’t try more that two to three perfumes at ones. Even if you’ll smell the coffee beans, they will all smell similar after that.
  4. Spray a bit on your wrist, smell the first notes and let it evaporate.
  5. Go for a walk for 10 to 15 minutes. Once the top note dissipates, you’ll smell the heart note and this will be the core of your fragrance. Then decide. I would also suggest to combine the fragrance wrist test with spraying the perfume on a card, repeat the Step 5 and smell it after.
  6. Vary the scents according to occasion, day/night and seasons.

favorite jo malone london scents blush pink roses

favorite jo malone london scents


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