Top 10 Questions About Me & My Blog

You’ve asked, and I’m answering! Ever since the Ask Me a Question Feature popped up in Instagram everyone including me (guilty of that) put in on the IG Stories. Well, I’ve listened to some of your feedback about spamming the Stories with the answers not everyone is interested in, plus there were TOO MANY of us doing that, that I’ve decided to do a blog post instead.
Recent Instagram changes with many people losing their statistics, followers, posts not being seen in the feed and of course accounts hacks got me thinking that initially I was blogging more and then switched to more visual storytelling. Although my writing skills are not excellent (don’t forget my primary language is Russian and English is only third) I felt how tricky it is relying on the platform that no one can control. The platform that can crash or glitch all of a sudden and decided to come back to my blogging roots so I’ll try (keeping my fingers crossed to make up my promise) to post more often here.
I’ve selected questions that have been repeated by you folks, so here we go!

Top 10 Questions About Me & My Blog

How long have you been blogging?

It might surprise you, but more than 10 years now.
My first blogging attempts started back home, way before coming to Canada and it was Life Journal, of course in the Russian language. I had one blog, which was more personal and then switched to another one when I came here for my immigration update.
Of course, both of them were deleted a long time ago.
After that, I’ve started one style blog, but it just didn’t survive because of all the life changes we had here and the lack of time. Finally, StripesnVibes was born, which honestly became a proper blog only a few years ago.

How do you dye your hair? Do you do it on your own?

I used to do it on my own and before that my mother in law helped me with that. But after one accident when I collaborated with a brand my hair got so damaged I had to switch to slight ombre to restore my hair and only a six months after that to balayage/highlights. Now my hair looks and feels much healthier, and I love the natural looking blonde highlights, so I go to a salon for that.

How do you get inspired? Any tips?

Pinterest, Kinfolk, Style at Home, Real Simple and InStyle magazines.
Style books, nature, other people. Anything around me can inspire if I’m in the mood 🙂

What also helps me is Online or Instagram detox. Every now and then I’m not posting for two or three days and doing something different instead. Relax, recharge and you will come back with new ideas and posts inspiration.

What did you do before you were blogging? Do you blog full time?

Just like most of us tedious office job. Mostly stress and no creativity. I worked at a few different places, but all of them were Online marketing until I understood that this was not a path I wanted to follow.
Blogging gave me a passion for photography, so maybe, just maybe, I’ll be the opposite of all the photographers who became bloggers and be a blogger who became a photographer, lol.

Tell me more about your cat!

Ok, his name is Walter, he will be five years this August, and he is the most spoiled, cutest, smartest and prettiest furry baby!
His breed is British Shorthair (although his hair might look long) and the colour: Silver shaded.
He greets us like a dog by wiggling his tail, wakes me up right after my first alarm to feed him, and he is not a lap cat. He hates fights, so when we argue (and yes that happens), he starts meowing and dragging all the attention to him until the argument is over.
Walter loves my husband more than me but is very affectionate to both of us. He is currently sleeping right next to me as I write this post.

Any marriage advice/tips?

Great question. This year marks our five year wedding anniversary and ten years together so I can say I have a bit of experience here, lol.
Everything is straightforward. Be patient with each other. Be understanding. Share your spouses’ passion even if you don’t like it as much as your partner does. Listen. Accept compromises and forget the mistakes. Never lie, cheat or trick on your spouse. Always remember why you chose your partner in the first place, always remember all the great moments and grow your love.

How do you edit your photos?

Mostly Lightroom (desktop and mobile versions), I custom made my presets and adjust them a bit with every season.
VSCO, A Color Story (they have great presets too, can also be used in mobile app and Lightroom).

What camera do you use?

Currently, it’s Canon 5D Mark 4, Sigma 50 mm 1.4 lens and Canon USM 24-70 mm 2.8 sense.
Canon G7Z mark I as my carry on camera.
Iphone 7 plus, especially portrait mode.

Where do you usually shop?

I shop mainly online and sometimes in store so here it goes.
H&M (I found that I find waaaaaay more things online, rather than a store + I buy a lot of their home items). for all the gadgets and simple stuff, Indigo for the books and Inspirational magazines, Banana Republic, Gap, Abercrombie.
Asos, Mango (because they don’t have physical stores in Canada anymore), Zara, Forever 21 (mostly in the summertime and maybe sweaters for fall), J. Crew, Le Chateau for shoes, Revolve (IF I’m willing to pay 50% duties & import fees). Also Shopbob for a high priced items.

In Store:
RW&Co, Mendocino, Little Burgundy, Nordstrom (just because shopping online will get you almost 100% duties when shipping here, cmon Canada it’s time to realize it’s 2018 and people shop online), Nordstrom Rack (same reason), Michael Kors.

How often do you collaborate with brands or do sponsored posts?

You can see that not that often. I am not that kind of a blogger who replies with their rate card as soon as they receive an email about the possible collab. I also know some of the sales pitches (I worked in online marketing, remember?) from some people who want everything in exchange for nothing, so I turn down those offers right away.
I do free posts if I trust the brand or used it before. I do sponsor posts mainly with the companies that resonate with me and because of the fact, that blogging is not my full-time job, neither it’s the only source of income for me, I have the freedom to choose the best and freedom to say no. I know this approach doesn’t work for many other bloggers, but this is my choice and I love it.


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