Top 5 Tips for Styling Instagrammable Cheese 🧀 & Meat Platter 🥂

cheese and meat instagrammable board

Labor Day is only one week away and I’ve decided to share an updated cheese & meat platter ideas. Last year I’ve shared a similar post (Cheese & Charcuterie board here) where you can find all the suggestions on what should be included in this board so in this post I’ll share more ideas on styling it and some tips I’ve learned through the last year.

instagrammable cheese and meat board styling ideas 1

1 Do it for the aesthetics

Cheese and meat boards are usually aesthetically pleasing, so here are a few items that will help you to add more beauty to it.

  • tray – stone or wooden (or a mix of both) trays are usually the best for it. Stone trays like granite and marble are best for keeping all of your cheese cool and wooden tray (or part) is best for serving charcuterie.
  • serving platters – small or medium they should either match by color or by texture. That way, even if you don’t have a set it will still look great. Just like they do it in Italian restaurants with glasses or plates.
  • cheese forks and knifes – you should have a few of them on the table when guests arrive.
  • napkins – there are plenty of napkins to choose from nowadays. I’d always stick to paper ones with some ornaments or nice print. You can get them anywhere starting from the local store and ending up with online purchases.
  • consider texture – the most beautiful platters have the perfect balance of textures. Soft cheese, crusty bread, pots with preserves, textures meats, nuts and more.
  • count the color – fruit and vegetable will help to add some vibrancy to your platter.

cheese and charcuterie board ideas

2 It’s in the little things

Adding small glass or stone bowls with olives or capers will not only add “picture perfect” factor, but also be convenient for your guests. It’s easier to pass little things when they are in small containers, plus there are less chances that your guests will spill something on themselves.

instagrammable cheese and meat board styling ideas 2

3 Keep it fresh

It’s always the rule of thumb, but in case if you forgot – all the ingredient must be fresh. Beginning with the fresh baguette and bread sticks and finishing up with fruits, everything needs to be not older than 1 day (because we all need time to prepare).

instagrammable cheese and meat board styling ideas

4 The art of folding

If you want your meat to look great it must be folded in a nice way. By doing so you are not only getting more space for other goods, but also make it look nice (just in case your guests will take tons of pictures before they eat). You can browse some ideas on Instagram or Pinterest or just online.

5 Flower power

Flowers are always welcome on dinner tables. You can take this extra step in case if you want to make your set up even better. For cheese and meat platter I’d go with small vases and delicate flowers. It will not only look beautiful, but also make your guests easier to reach for what they are aiming for.

instagrammable meat and cheese board    instagrammable cheese and meat board styling ideas 3


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