Wall Frame Gallery Update: Modern Map Art

modern map art wall art

That print was one of the newest additions to the wall frame gallery and is definitely one of the most loved! I wanted something neutral, minimalistic and still memorable about our wedding so when the idea of this map art came on the horizon there were no doubts.

We are still adding some bits and bobs here and there in our condo, but the hardest part is the prints or photos for the gallery. I really want to elevate our existing wall frame gallery and add some more photographs and pictures along with the modernized frames. My husband, on the other hand, thinks that enough is enough and we don’t need anything else. Well, this map art was a compromise for both of us. Big print in the corner of the room with elegant light silver framing (which we got from Ikea by the way) adds some charm to the whole small space living vibe.

This was for our 5 years wedding anniversary, but the occasion and what to write there is entirely up to you! I think this will also make a perfect present for someone’s birthday (just a smaller size), engagement or a cute little print for babies nursery.

modern map art (2 of 4)

Print: Modern Map Art (gifted) | Frame: Ikea | Vase: H&M home | Tray: H&M home | Candles: Zara home, Jo Malone, H&M, Chapters


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