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If you follow me on Instagram (and yes I’ll always be repeating that just because you really should), you can see my posting pattern. Sometimes it’s daily, and sometimes I unplug and don’t post for two or three days.
It happens because we all need some time to unplug, take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the beauty around us. Being always on social media is very exhausting and sometimes stressful. From scrolling the perfect feeds (which I must admit I do all the time) perfectionating your photos (like props, ideal color toned coffee shops and restaurants and that outfit to match the street colors) to continually asking yourself is this real life or just a photo – it’s a constant struggle. That’s why I try to take time off the social media world to enjoy all the things around me.
Here are some of my ways on how to unplug from Social Media.

3 Ways to Unplug From Social Media.

Turn Off Push Notifications.

Number one tip from me! It will not only save your phone battery but will also keep you from all the unnecessary distractions.

Use Less.

Use fewer gadgets to check on everything and everyone. Use fewer apps on your phone. Spend more time in real life.

and most importantly…

Live a Real Life!

Cherish all the little moments, all those ups and downs, all the laughs and cries, all the funny and sad moments. Take blurry, impromptu photos of you, your family, your friends and keep all of them as a great memory. Enjoy that early morning cup of coffee or that evening tea, smell the flowers, read more books (even if they are all about the design or flower arrangements like I have). Go for a long walk, buy some ice cream, don’t count the calories and enjoy the moment.

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You don’t even realize how many times I don’t use my phone and don’t share what’s happening at the moment or what I’m doing. Most of the times when we go out with my husband or with friends I don’t even pull out the phone from my purse. Most of the times when we have a long evening walk, watch a movie, enjoy our time with family or go somewhere I just unplug and enjoy the moment instead of posting every little step.
And yes, I love taking photos, I love editing, and sometimes I spend a lot of time researching online and practicing on improving my photo skills. But I try to keep everything balanced and wish the same to you darlings!

ways to unplug from social media


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    I agree with you 🙂

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