Winter Wonderland Long Coat Style

winter long grey coat style 5

Here I am, sharing a similar post as I did with the Into the woods one. But hey, if it’s pretty and we had a chance to take lots of photos in this beauty – why not?

winter wonderland (2, 19, 26)
This photo session also has its story. Interested? Then continue to read.
It was one of those days when you can choose either to stay at home, binge watch Netflix and order a pizza delivery or … go outside, freeze your noses and fingers, but take lots of interesting photos.
Usually we choose the first option, but not that day.
First of all we had a birthday to attend later that day, secondly we were anyways going that way so me and my husband decided to go and do something interesting.

winter long grey coat style 2
Some time, picture info research, outfit prepping and tons of hairspray later we were driving on a side road in a way to Newmarket. I knew that we will find a great spot, just because that day (and three days before) it was snowing non stop and everything was looking beyond beautiful. That is how we end up here.
Needless to say by the end of this photo shoot I had a red nose, couldn’t feel my fingers, almost ruined my hair & makeup (just because the snow wouldn’t stop), but it was absolutely worth it!

As for the long coat, baker boy hat and the overall outfit mood – as it turned out I subconsciously took an inspiration from the Anastasia (Disney film) & her winter scene. I realized that only when I was editing the photos and they looked like something I’ve seen before 🙂

winter long grey coat style 3

winter wonderland (7, 21, 23)

winter long grey coat style 1

winter wonderland (12, 20)

winter long grey coat style 4

winter wonderland (10, 16)

winter long grey coat style 6

Coat: Zara (old) | Sweater: Mango | Jeans: Abercrombie | Boots: Adidas | Scarf: Zara


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